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Sorry Mummy gets Giants AFL backing

  • Sorry Mummy gets Giants AFL backing

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 06: Shane Mumford hand passes during a Greater Western Sydney Giants AFL training session at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre on September 6, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

GWS aren't planning to review their education process despite Shane Mumford's sledge of Lance Franklin and have praised their ruckman for apologising to the Sydney superstar.

Former Swan Mumford taunted Franklin in Saturday's preliminary final by reportedly saying "good to see you're not on holidays this year", a reference to the forward missing the 2015 finals series because of a serious mental health issue.

The Giants' website posted a video of Mumford talking about his phone apology and admitting he hadn't used a good choice of words when sledging Franklin.

Giants general manager of football Wayne Campbell stressed the club addressed education and welfare issues on an ongoing basis.

"I'd like to think that we do that on a constant basis, whether that's with the whole group or the leadership group discussing things," Campbell said.

"A lot of the stuff that gets talked about at the leadership group and the whole group doesn't make the public domain, so we like to think that we constantly address that.

"I wouldn't have thought we would be addressing it just on the back of this."

Campbell and midfielder Stephen Coniglio, who on Wednesday inked a two-year contract extension, praised the way Mumford had reacted to the fallout from his sledge of Franklin.

"His (Mumford's) mood over the last 48 hours has been great around the group, his annoying self around the club," Coniglio said.

"But I think the one thing as a person, the fact that he could actually apologise and speak to Lance on the phone and apologise for what he said, speaks a lot about the person he is.

"From a teammate and mate's point of view, to play with a guy like that is fantastic and what he offers us on the field we love and what he does around the club is faultless."

Campbell said "you can't help but admire someone who acknowledges that he has made an error and puts his hand up, Shane did that.

""I think it's a good way to deal with things that he gets on the phone and has a chat to Lance and they deal with it behind closed doors as best as they can and then we move on from there."

Coniglio said the absence of suspended veteran forward Steve Johnson for the preliminary final was a massive loss, but stressed the wily veteran still exerted influence off the field.

"His actual input coming into the club, both on and off the field, his experience, his actual drive to push hard for a premiership, has been great,," Coniglio said.

"Unfortunately, he'll miss next week, but we'll welcome him back with open arms the week after, if we can get there."

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